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Heroines of Swords & Spells. Update to version 1.5

The game has got a major update v1.5.

With the 1.5 update introduced, the demo now contains Act I (full version), except for the Green Furies DLC. The Heroines of Swords & Spells demo is also available on Steam, but buying the game will give you access to achievements, cards and other community items, and also will be of great help to me.

The main changes:
1) New large portraits by Tr0yka, our artist (main characters only);
2) New cutscenes by Tr0yka;
3) Slightly reworked the balance. E.g. Meat Shield state is now removed by Fear. This means that Anastasia will no longer be able to cover her friends when she's in frightened state
4) Several game maps (mostly streets) were redrawn.
5) The English version of the game has undergone through some changes too. A number of hard-to-pronounce Slavic names and places have been adapted for the English speaking. For example, the surname "Strizhinsky" is now translated as "the Swifts". Anastasia Strizhinskaya became Anastasia Swift, and Strizhinsk was changed to Swifton. Being the creator of this world, this decision was not an easy one for me, but hopefully the adaptation of difficult to pronounce Russian names will make it easier for people to understand and enjoy the game.

v1.5 screenshots:

Also on April 15th a DLC called Green Furies is going to be released. The DLC is not free, but the price is quite a bargain.
The DLC includes a separate game scenario about the four evil, greedy, but cute (in their own way) goblinettes. An 'anti-heroic' team of rival protagonists.

The Green Furies scenario should take around 7+ hours to finish. As with the main campaign, the main emphasis in the DLC is on the story, jokes and dialogues. The player will have to read a lot and, of course, understand what is written.
Anyone who decides to go down the wrong path of anti-heroism with the goblinettes should expect:
1. Four new playable characters, each with unique personality traits that affect gameplay;
2. New story and side quests with a variety of playthrough options;
3. A small but ready to be explored goblin cave;
4. Engaging bosses and some original equipment.

I have to note that the DLC scenario is designed for experienced players who are familiar with the story of the main campaign, the world lore and gameplay mechanics. If you haven't played Heroines of Swords & Spells, rushing to buy Green Furies DLC may not be the best decision as far as I'm concerned, but it’s still up to you.

DLC screenshots and trailer:

Heroines of Swords & Spells in Steam
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